Developing the framework for an epidemic forecast infrastructure

The EPIWORK project proposes a multidisciplinary research effort aimed at developing the appropriate framework of tools and components-epiwork knowledge needed for the design of epidemic forecast infrastructures to be used in by epidemiologists and public health scientists. The project is a truly interdisciplinary effort, anchored to the research questions and needs of epidemiology research by the participation in the consortium of leading epidemiologists, public health specialists and mathematical biologists.


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GLEAMviz Simulator 4.1: new visualization features!

A new release of the GLEAMviz Simulator client is available, version 4.1, which features some extra data visualizations.

  • Additional demographic and health-related informations in the city info popups:
    • Average number of hospital beds per 1000 inhabitants
    • Average number of physicians per 1000 inhabitants
    • Average distribution of the population into age brackets
  • Visualization of the cumulative individual transitions on the map as an alternative option to new transitions.
  • Intuitive highlight of the census basins associated to each city/airport.

The new city popup displays additional health-related and demographic informations.

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New publication validating GLEAM’s real-time predictions for H1N1pdm

Real-time forecasting of unfolding epidemics represents an extraordinary challenge for mathematical and computational models due to the technical challenges posed by parameter estimation and validation. For this reason, the reliability of mathematical and computational models to support public-health decisions during an epidemic is currently under debate. The 2009 A/H1N1 pandemic represented an unprecedented opportunity to validate and assess real-time model predictions.

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New major release of the GLEAMviz tool

The GLEAMviz team is proud to announce a new release of the GLEAMviz tool, which features a complete rewriting of the server component and additional functionalities in the client application.
The Public Edition 4.0 of the GLEAMviz client is now available for download.

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